Best Places to travel in Bhutan

Bhutan is also known as “The Land of Thunderbolt”. It is a beautiful travel destination, but unfortunately, it is the one that is least heard. The country hosts a long list of forts, monasteries, Buddhist relics, trekking spots, and shopping areas as well. 

As a nature admirer, you will experience beautiful valleys, magnificent Himalayas, and the abundance of rare fauna and flora.

Beautiful rivers flow from the Himalayas, and travel through the valleys and increase the beauty.

In this article, I have compiled a shortlist of the best places to travel in Bhutan.

So, if you are planning to visit this country than this travel guide is going to be much helpful for you as it can help you to save your time while planning your trip to Bhutan. So, let’s get started with the list.

Rinpung Dzong

Rinpung Dzong is a beautiful place to admire Bhutanist architecture. Dzong means fort. This fort is constructed with towering walls that were made back in the 16th century. This fortress is also known as the Heap of Jewels. No doubt, Rinpung Dzong is one of the best places to travel in Bhutan.

The fort is a classic representation of the Bhutanese architecture and beautiful traditions. 

The surrounding places are filled with different shrines and temples. Some shrines include Kungarwa, Monk’s Assembly Hall, Sandalwood Stupa, protector’s shrine, etc.

Each year the annual festival of tshechu is conducted in Rinpung Dzong. It gets started from the 11th day to the 15th day and it is also marked in the lunar calendar of Bhutan.

In this festival, the holy images are lifted in progress, and it is followed by mask dances that explain different stories. All of these activities are performed by monks for a couple of days. 

This awesome place is located in the Paro District, in Bhutan.

Chele La Pass

Chele La Pass is located at a height of almost 3,989 meters. Chele La Pass is another famous tourist attraction in Bhutan.

You can travel this place for a day trip and also, you will get a chance to experience the Jomolhari mountain from there, the peaks located on the northwest side and the picture perfect views from Haa and Paro valley will surely blow your mind. There are many hotels and resorts that also help visitors to conduct a regular tour or trip towards Chele La Pass at affordable prices.

Chele Le Pass also serves as a route for Haa Valley in Paro.

It is located 13000 feet above the west side of Paro Valley.

Chele La Pass is the highest road pass situated in Bhutan that is surrounded by some amazing views of the Himalayan Range, and other mountains such as Mount Jomolhari, which is referred to as the most sacred mountain of this country located at a height of 22,000 feet.

This amazing place is located between the Haa and Paro Valleys of Bhutan. If you are a nature lover then make sure to add this place in your list as well.